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  • Blank Panel

    Blank Panel


    As a lid over a meter's spare panel hole, or to hide an unneeded hole. [Features] - In sizes to fit meters from all manufacturers.

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  • 2P Outlet Mount (JDC2)

    2P Outlet Mount (JDC2) [20 Pezzi per confezione]


    2P outlet mount. Suitable as an auxiliary accessory of the inner panel layout. [Features] - Troublesome holes and tapping are not necessary when mounting control board outlets. - The mounting of the 35-mm IEC rail can be done with but a single touch. - Movement when the outlet is mounted and dismounting possible. - The 1p outlet WK3001W is also mountable

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  • Breaker Blank Panel

    Breaker Blank Panel [25 Pezzi per confezione]


    It is possible to simply close down by cutting the part of the panel used for an unnecessary breaker control handle. [Features] - Insertion into a square hole can be carried out simply in one touch. - Also, panel thicknesses of 1.5t – 2.3t can all be used. - The joint panel cut is 25 mm x 54 mm.

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  • Ventilation Unit

    Ventilation Unit


    It has a large ventilation port in a small space. [Features] - Since a large port area is in a small place the space you can effectively use the space in the panel. - Because it has a simple waterproof structure, and cleaning and such can be done with confidence. - There is also an outdoor type available to prevent ingress of rainwater.

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