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Waterproof Cap for R04

Waterproof Cap for R04

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Dedicated water-proof cap for maintaining waterproofing when connector is not in use.

● Prevents intrusion of water, dust and foreign matter to the fitting surface when the panel mount receptacle is not connected.
● Prevents accidents due to touching live electrical parts when the panel mount receptacle is not connected.

·It can be fixed to bulk head and flange model panel mount receptacles.
·When the connector is not connected it is not waterproof. Attach the waterproof cap when not in use to prevent water from getting in. Water may penetrate inside the equipment if brought into contact with water.

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Waterproof Cap for R04:Related Image

ModelNumber of CoresWeight

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Waterproof Cap for R04:Related Image
Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?RoHSNumber of Cores

6.89 €

Disponibile 3 giorni 102 ~ 5

6.93 €

Disponibile 3 giorni 106 ~ 8

7.79 €

Disponibile 3 giorni 1012


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Material / Finish

Item Materials Finish
Body Shell Brass and Zinc Alloy Nickel-plated
Contact Copper Alloy Nickel Base Gold Plating
Insulator Synthetic Resin -

Contact Arrangement Diagram

Mechanical Properties

Item Contents
Impact Resistance Acceleration 50 G
Vibration Resistance JIS C 5402, 6.1, 10 ~ 55 Hz, 10 G
Humidity Resistance JIS C 5402, 7.3, 40 ±2°C, 90% ~ 95% or less, 96 Hours
Corrosion Resistance JIS C 5402, 7.1, Salt Water Concentration 5%, 48 Hours
Operating Temperature Range -25°C ~ +85°C, Relative Humidity 85% or less
Temperature Cycle JIS C 5402, 7.2, -40°C ~ +100°C, 5 Cycles
Repeated Operation 1,000 Insertions and Removals
Waterproofing Water Pressure = 200kpa (When Coupled)

Compatible Wire Size

Conductor Cross-Sectional Area (mm2) AWG
Wire Size 0.2 ~ 0.05 24 ~ 30

* Be sure that the finished cable outer diameter is within the inner diameter of the cable extraction port of the connector.

Electrical Properties

Number of Cores Rated Voltage (V or less) Rated Current (A or less) Withstand Voltage
(VAC or less for 1 minute)
Insulation Resistance Contact Resistance Insertion and Removal Life
2 300 420 2 900 1,000 MΩ or more
(500 VDC)
8 mΩ or less
(3 VDC, 1A or less)
1,000 times or more
3 300 420 2 900
5 150 200 2 500
6 300 420 2 900
8 200 280 2 700
12 300 420 2 900

* Rating represents the current capacity per contact core.

Panel Cut Size Drawing

* Mount all types from the front of the panel.

Wiring Method

Combination Method

Informazioni di base

Specifications For Panel Mounting

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