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Tweezers / Hexagonal Wrench (Loose)

Tweezers / Hexagonal Wrench (Loose)

Wrench set suitable for hex lobe screw parts

● The hexalobular screwdriver is compatible with commercially available hexalobular screw parts. The screw parts with hex lobe have been standardized by JASO automobile standards and the like.
● Since the tightening tool and screw part with hex lobe mate with the side that is parallel to the shaft, the tool does not come off or cam out, allowing the secure tightening.
● Since the torque is transmitted at an ideal angle on a wide surface, there is none of the deformation of the screws associated with torque transmission.
● Set Content: 8-piece set of T-6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30.
● Material: Special Alloy Steel

· The longer tip supports "anti-tamper screws." Since it is drilled, the wall thickness is thin and the strength is slightly weaker. Take care when tightening.
· No.630-T6 does not support "anti-tamper screws."

Codice componente

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Tweezers / Hexagonal Wrench (Loose):Related Image

ModelProduct ContentSize (mm)Weight
NO.6388 pcs set----
NO.630-T6Single Item65142.39
NO.630-T8Single Item65162.39
NO.630-T10Single Item65172.610
NO.630-T15Single Item68193.111
NO.630-T20Single Item71213.714
NO.630-T25Single Item75224.317
NO.630-T27Single Item79234.820
NO.630-T30Single Item84255.425
NO.630-T40Single Item90286.536

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Tweezers / Hexagonal Wrench (Loose):Related Image
Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?RoHSProduct Classification Weight

6.72 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item965142.3

6.89 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item965162.3

6.90 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item1065172.6

6.90 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item1168193.1

7.01 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item1471213.7

7.11 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item17752243

7.22 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item2079234.8

7.42 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item2584255.4

7.75 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench Single Item3690286.5

26.79 €

6 giorni 6Hexagonal Wrench 8 pcs. Set----


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Material Special Aluminum Steel

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