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  • Sconto volumi elevati

A lightweight special urethane hose for mobile air tools. Soft, supple and easy to handle. Resistant to sparks from grinders, etc. The hose slides readily and is snag-resistant.

· The hose can be mounted and replaced on site for improving work efficiency.
· Economical: Can be used repeatedly* by replacing components using the nut tightening system.
· *Varies depending on usage conditions. However, as a guideline, replacing parts (sleeves) will be required after detaching approximately five times.
· Note: This is not a fitting for daily disassembly and cleaning.
· This a fastening type fitting. Therefore, further it does not require further tightening and mounting tasks can be standardized.
· The nipple shape is hygienic, resistant to liquid build-up and is optimally suited to food and beverage applications.
· The special sleeve structure firmly secures the hose to eliminate fluid leakage and hose disconnection issues.
· Manufactured from stainless steel (SUS316L, SUS304) and fluorinated resin—hygienic and resistant to corrosion.
· Compatible with two types of hoses: TOYOSILICONE (for pumping) and TOYOSILICONE-S (for suction).
· Usable for different purposes depending on piping applications.
· These hoses can be disassembled to facilitate simple separation of waste materials (conforms to stainless steel recycling systems).

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?RoHSD.I. nominale d D.E. D
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D.I. XO.D.

376.62 €

Disponibile 6 giorni 10610-20~600~1.56,3×10

570.32 €

Disponibile 6 giorni 10812.5-20~600~1.58,3×12.5


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Informazioni di base

Fluido applicabile/Uso Aria Uso servizio taglio NA Proprietà Resistenza alla pressione
Materiale tubo flessibile Poliuretano Raccordi in metallo per montaggio NA Colore Rosa
Min. raggio di curvatura(mm) 40 Lunghezza standard(m) 100

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