Supporto cuscinetto Serie argento modello con foro cilindro con ruota eccentrica

Supporto cuscinetto Serie argento modello con foro cilindro con ruota eccentrica

The bearing, fixed eccentric wheel, and bearing box are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making the product suitable for use with machinery that doesn't handle rust well.

· Logical steel center: The outer wheel's outer diameter is machined into a ball surface, fitting around the center of a bearing box machined in the same way. Because both of the spherical surfaces can be aligned, this ensures logical operation of the machinery and stops erratic shaft center behavior, preventing excessive force from being applied to the bearing due to complications.
· Supply method: Simply supply fresh grease at arbitrary intervals and ensure that the bearing internal workings are ejecting old grease to the exterior as much as possible to extend working life for both grease supplies and the bearing. The cast iron series comes standard with a supply method to ensure that it can be used in severe conditions for long periods of time with complete confidence.
· Excellent sealing equipment: The bearing is double-sealed with a steel plate slinger and a heat-resistant synthetic rubber seal. Friction is low and even if the shaft tilts the seal contact is unchanged. The result is an extremely effective seal that prevents both grease leaks and contamination of the interior by external trash and moisture. Can be used with confidence even extremely poor conditions.
· This insert bearing unit with a cover can be used with confidence in poor environmental conditions such as factories engaged in steel manufacturing, milling, cement making, and casting, and in machinery for aircraft, air conditioning, and public works. The advance receiving box for units with set screws and adapters included has a steel plate or cast iron cover mounted for dust prevention, and both the bearing and the bearing box are processed with sealing equipment to improve dust-proof properties.
· Deep groove shaped internal structure: The bearing interior is identical to the deep groove ball bearing structure of the 6200 and 6300 shape. For this reason, it can support both radial and axial loads and is low noise.
· Bearing and bearing box compatibility: Because the bearing and bearing box have mutual compatibility, the bearing can be replaced on its own as necessary, which is extremely convenient.
· Easy handling: The insert bearing unit is an integrated combination of a bearing and bearing box. The bearing is preloaded with an appropriate amount of high quality lubricant grease, so it can be operating immediately as is after mounting. For this reason, there is no concern of contaminants and other materials entering the bearing during handling, preventing trouble during mounting before it occurs.
· Simple mounting to the shaft: The insert bearing unit can be mounted to the shaft on the side of the inner ring with the two included hex socket head set screws, to the inner ring using the included mounting adapter for the tapered hole in the inner diameter, or mounted with the included eccentric wheel. All of these methods are simple procedures, and the shaft machining is easy.

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Tipo di cuscinetto di precisione Profilo foro cilindrico con collare eccentrico Con supporto dritto, categoria Per impieghi leggeri Materiale elemento di rotolamento Acciaio inox
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