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For stainless steel pipes

▪ Due to the combination with Koma-SUS fitting, the stainless steel pipe of bore with small or medium size (13 to 150SU) can be flexibly used.
· Koma-SUS fittings are expanded type pipe fittings for stainless steel pipes that enable reliable pipe installations without requiring special tools or complicated techniques.
· Well-received by customers and already in use in many installations.
· Strong fitting by pipe expansion.
· Fitting has a structure where the tube's expanded portion is hooked on a nut.
· If a nut is not tightened, there is no need to worry about the nut coming off if it is engaged with the screw on the main body.
▪ Easy pipe expansion.
▪ With the dedicated pipe expander, pipe expansion work can be performed easily.
· Secure connections are formed quickly.
▪ Post pipe expansion fitting can be easily performed with a pipe wrench.
▪ By providing packing room, fall of packing is prevented. This prevents non-mounting of parts occurred during construction.
▪ Tightening omission can be confirmed at a glance with FP colors of red and blue.
▪ At the hand tightening stage, you can visually inspect for the red FP color.
▪ When tightened at an appropriate torque, the red FP color hides under the blue FP color and becomes invisible. In this manner, tightening completion can be checked at a glance.

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57.97 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 675Su50Su

57.97 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 675Su60Su

63.60 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 680Su60Su

63.60 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 680Su75Su

77.50 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6100Su60Su

86.07 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6100Su75Su

86.07 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6100Su80Su

113.33 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6125Su75Su

116.83 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6125Su80Su

116.83 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6125Su100Su

134.90 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6150Su80Su

140.99 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6150Su100Su

140.99 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 6150Su125Su


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Massima pressione di esercizio(MPa) 2 Materiale guarnizione EPDM termoresistente e resistente al cloro Materiale corpo principale EN 1.4408 Equiv.

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