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Tappo magnetico forma rettangolare (tipo L)

Tappo magnetico forma rettangolare (tipo L)
  • Sconto volumi elevati

Square shape (type L) of applied magnet that has achieved more powerful magnetic force by combining a ferrite magnet and a yoke (iron) to concentrate the force in the fixed direction. Can be mounted easily with the screw holes in the yoke. The attraction power is 5 to 10 times as powerful as a magnet alone.

▪ No demagnetization occurs because the coercive force is high.
▪ It is a sintered magnet (ceramic magnet), excellent in corrosion resistance and suitable for a flat shape but cracked easily.
▪ Applications are expanding from the traditional fields including audio speakers and headphones, to cover automotive motors and generators where the demand for products like this is growing as a result of weight reduction (1/2 to 1/3 compared with a conventional one) made possible by technological innovation.

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3.30 €

Disponibile 5 giorni 1010.1~20.019.612245.1

3.39 €

5 giorni 1050.1~60.058.823.525.56.5

2.72 €

10 giorni 1040.1~

2.77 €

Disponibile 10 giorni 1010.1~20.019.61125.56.5

3.22 €

10 giorni 1040.1~50.04921366

4.13 €

10 giorni 1090.1~

4.13 €

10 giorni 10100.1 –127.430457

7.13 €

10 giorni 10100.1 –196.1414913

9.66 €

5 giorni 1090.1~100.09829.769.913.2


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