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Giunto per condotto a spirale, Pacco in gomma

Giunto per condotto a spirale, Pacco in gomma

Packing for flange connection. [Please be sure to check the safety precautions listed in the catalog]

• The wax used in the molding of the spiral duct offers sufficient reinforcing effects for use with high speed ducts, dust collection ducts, and exhaust ducts.
• The inner surface of the spiral duct is completely circular and smooth and as such the resistance is extremely low. In addition, a lock seam has been applied via machine molding, and as such the leakage amount per duct is now just 1/1000 that of the square duct.
• Connection work for the spiral duct is simple. Also, if hung from the ceiling, its workability is good, helping save greatly on construction time.
• In addition, as it is constructed in a factory it offers a solid and reliable build quality.
• Spiral ducts are standard products that are mass produced in factories, helping keep costs down.
• In addition, with a comparatively small surface area compared to a square duct, you need only send the required air flow, helping reduce heating costs.

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