Raccordo per condotti a spirale e F-ring per tubo a T a due vie F

Raccordo per condotti a spirale e F-ring per tubo a T a due vie F

Fitting made of molten zinc-plated steel conforming to JIS G 3302, fitted with a special gasket. [Please study the safety precautions in the catalog.]

· Connection and construction are easy.
· Standard connection method of a spiral duct is a screw + coating + taping.
· It is often difficult to ensure the quality of work performed in high places, such as this.
· F-Ring spiral is equipped with a gasket at its fitting portion. This allows the work to be finished simply by inserting and screwing, making construction secure.
· Reduces transportation and lifting work.
··The overall material volume reduces when pipes with smaller diameters are sequentially inserted into the straight pipe with large diameter.
· Significantly lower weight compared to prefabricated items.

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21.33 €

11 giorni 10010098

24.46 €

11 giorni 125125123

27.46 €

11 giorni 150150148

31.82 €

11 giorni 175175173

35.64 €

11 giorni 200200198

40.68 €

11 giorni 225225223

45.85 €

11 giorni 250250248

52.26 €

11 giorni 275275273

59.34 €

11 giorni 300300298

69.01 €

11 giorni 325325323

77.33 €

11 giorni 350350348


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Tipo Attacco Tipo raccordo Tubo T Materiale Piastra in acciaio
Guarnizioni Cloruro di vinile flessibile speciale (due vie) Numero di guarnizioni montate 2 pz.

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