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Giunto per condotto a spirale con anello ad F sezione con curva a 90°

Giunto per condotto a spirale con anello ad F sezione con curva a 90°

A fitting made of hot-dip galvanized steel conforming to JIS G 3302 and fitted with a special gasket. [Please read the Safety Precautions written in the catalog.]

· Simple to construct and connect.
· The standard connection method for spiral ducting consists of a screw + caulking + tape.
· Secure application performed by working in high places can sometimes be difficult.
· This fitting can reduce transportation and lifting work.
· The overall material volume is reduced when pipes with smaller diameters are sequentially inserted into straight pipes with large diameter.
· Therefore, this fitting will significantly lower the weight compared to items that are prefabricated in a production plants.
· The packing material that is used in the Kurimoto F-Ring spiral duct is a special vinyl chloride compound.
· It has rubber-like elasticity that is not found in conventional vinyl chloride. In addition to being weather/oil/chemical-resistant, it has excellent cold and thermal deformation resistance. The packing is also very similar to rubber in terms of its appearance and texture.
· It has considerably superior bending fatigue strength and ozone resistance compared to rubber.

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