Valvola di fondo a semi apertura con flangia senza leva, con rivestimento in ghisa (corpo e sede valvola in bronzo duro)

Valvola di fondo a semi apertura con flangia senza leva, con rivestimento in ghisa (corpo e sede valvola in bronzo duro)

· TV single-opening.
· The structure of the TV single-door type valve body, which is the core of the foot valve, is simple, allowing it to instantaneously respond to the movement of fluids caused by opening and closing of the main valve, and there are no issues regarding minimal fluid resistance.
· Foot valves with cast iron lining and nylon or epoxy resin coating on the cast iron surface obviously have better resistance to corrosion compared to conventional products, but also have high chemical resistance and a low coefficient of friction, and thus do not tend to show water stains, etc. and provide many sanitary advantages.
· Triplet structure.
· The main body structure is a triplet structure created via a unique technique that is able to support a variety of customer demands.
· Available materials include SCS and gunmetal, and a wide range of applications are supported by combing interchangeable parts with various types of packing.
· Uses pressure-resistant O-rings.
· An original O-ring with concave groove embedding is used for the outer packing of the cast iron lining foot valve, producing a design that provides reliability to its ability to withstand excessive loads for a given amount of time.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Lato controllo, designazione nominale flangia del tubo

227.23 €

Preventivo 1 1/2B(40A)

282.13 €

Preventivo 2B(50A)

379.42 €

Preventivo 2 1/2B(65A)

410.69 €

Preventivo 3B(80A)

722.01 €

Preventivo 4B(100A)

999.97 €

Preventivo 5B(125A)

1,157.71 €

Preventivo 6B(150A)

2,080.53 €

Preventivo 8B(200A)

3,422.39 €

Preventivo 10B(250A)

5,886.51 €

Preventivo 12B(300A)

9,349.90 €

Preventivo 14B(350A)


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Informazioni di base

Tipi di valvola Valvola di fondo Profilo corpo principale Dritto Materiale corpo principale EN-JL 1030 Equiv.
Fluidi applicabili Acqua Pressione nominale 10K Lato controllo, tipi di collegamento Flangia tubo
Rivestimento corpo principale Nylon 11 Metodo di funzionamento NA Modello Valvola di fondo con flangia 10K
Materiale sede e corpo valvola EN CC491K Equiv.

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