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Raw magnets

Raw magnets
  • Sconto volumi elevati

Raw magnets GN 55.4 are unshielded block-shaped magnets.
Owing to their vast range of different magnet materials and sizes, they are suitable for virtually universal use. They are mostly attached by gluing.
When used without air gap, individual raw magnets always have lower adhesive forces than a magnet system in which shielding and magnetic return enormously intensify the force acting at the adhesion surface. Depending on the air gap between magnet and mating component, individual raw magnets - unlike magnet systems - can have substantially higher adhesive forces.
In the event that no suitable retaining magnets / magnet systems are available, raw magnets may be used in combination with appropriate holding constructions to build up highly specific magnet systems.

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Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Material Width b
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Height h

1.04 €

Disponibile 3 giorni ND-NdFeB47.51.5

1.24 €

Disponibile 3 giorni ND-NdFeB67.52

1.81 €

Disponibile 3 giorni ND-NdFeB7.5102

14.22 €

Disponibile 3 giorni ND-NdFeB20.3265

17.34 €

Disponibile 3 giorni ND-NdFeB26.3336.5

3.15 €

Disponibile 3 giorni SC-SmCo47.51.5

3.96 €

Disponibile 3 giorni SC-SmCo67.52

5.13 €

Disponibile 3 giorni SC-SmCo7.5102

33.93 €

Disponibile 3 giorni SC-SmCo20.3265

65.08 €

Disponibile 3 giorni SC-SmCo26.3336.5


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