Lega saldante con anima di fondente in resina senza piombo

Lega saldante con anima di fondente in resina senza piombo

An updated SN100C (010) product. Boasts excellent wettability. Helps prevent solder bridging and shrinkage.

· Has great results when used for wave soldering. Suitable for the soldering of products with large usage environment loads.
· The effects of the trace additives nickel and germanium help provide excellent workability and inhibit the generation of solder bridging and shrinkage.
· Creates a nickel barrier, inhibiting copper leaching.
· Is affected little by harsh conditions, helping ensure stable quality (atmospheric exposure test).
· Features excellent growth characteristics, helping mitigate the effects of expansion and contraction resulting from heat generated by components and circuit boards.
· Reduces the generation of dross.

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Con nucleo di fondente in resina Con nucleo di fondente in resina Quantità del contenuto(g) 500 Profilo Bobina

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