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Barra Eco Solder

Barra Eco Solder

A highly reliable solder bar.

· Solder paste.
· [Eco Solder paste].
· "Eco Solder" is an environmentally friendly lead free solder paste that, when compared to traditional solder pastes, helps resolve problems such as heat-resistance (due to a high melting point), supply stability, wettability, and preservation stability—a problem associated with lead free solder.
· [S70G series].
· Maintains the viscosity stability of the GRN362 series by preservation and squeezing, while also providing improved reliability and performance in terms of heat-resistance and flux spattering. Improves in all aspects; from product mounting to production.
· Drastically improves the ability to prevent incomplete BGA fusion, which has been difficult to solve.
· Types which can improve the thermostability of ingredients and maintain temperature are also available.
· [374FS series].
· Developed for joining large surface areas such as during semi-conductor module mounting. Displays excellent cleaning properties with various types of cleaning solution. Reduces the occurrence of voids which form on the underside of bare chips, etc.
· [TVA series].
· A lead-free solder paste developed for usage in 3D implementation such as POP.
· [DSR series].
· A lead free solder paste for dispensing. Combines characteristics, enabling use with a wide range of applications.
· As well as general reflow heating, it also supports other heating methods such as rapid heating (laser, hot air, etc.)
· [345F series].
· Features improved cleaning of residues with various types of cleaning solution. Boasts heat-resistance and viscosity stability while also inhibiting the formation of solder balls.

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93.37 €

3 giorni Sn-3.0Ag-0.5CuPer fornitura iniziale-

93.37 €

3 giorni Sn-3.0Ag-0.5CuPer fornitura inizialeCon inibitore di ossidazione (fosforo)

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3 giorni Sn-3.0AgPer fornitura supplementare-

102.44 €

3 giorni Sn-3.0AgPer fornitura supplementareCon inibitore di ossidazione (fosforo)


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