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Relè programmabile ZEN

Relè programmabile ZEN
  • Sconto volumi elevati

Offers easier and smaller scale automatic control

· ZEN, optimal for simple control, is now improved with new features.
[Space and man-hour saving wiring]
· Many features in a compact body (width 70 mm × height 90 mm).
· Relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions conveniently gathered together into one unit. Removes need to separately wire timer and relay, and drastically reduces wiring man-hours.
[Simple programming]
· Programming can be done with front LCD and 8 operation buttons.
· Also equipped with back light feature.
· Settings can be easily changed at the work site.
[Free expansion possible with 44 maximum I/O points]
· In the even of insufficient I/O points, up to 3 expansion I/O units can be added. Expansion I/O unit is slim at just 35 mm wide.
[Support software with simulation features]
· Simple ladder programming creation and saving monitor possible by computer.
· Simulation can be run on computer without connecting to the ZEN main body.
[Equipped with many other features]
· Memory cassette for easy program copying and saving.
· Analog input 2ch equipped (DC power source type only).
· Password feature for reliable security.
· Compatible with CE marking, UL/CSA standard.
· Can display 6 languages (Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian).
· Can display optional messages on screen with display feature.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Larghezza
Classificazione Numero di I/O LCD Tensione di alimentazione Formato uscita

120.08 €

Disponibile Stesso giorno


70Tipo LCD standard10DisponibileVAC 100–240Relè

117.15 €

5 giorni 70Tipo LCD standard10DisponibileVDC 12–24Relè

117.13 €

5 giorni 70Tipo LCD standard10DisponibileVDC 12–24Transistor

102.98 €

5 giorni 70Tipo a LED10NAVAC 100–240Relè

97.67 €

5 giorni 70Tipo a LED10NAVDC 12–24Relè

101.21 €

5 giorni 70Tipo economico10DisponibileVAC 100–240Relè

97.66 €

5 giorni 70Tipo economico10DisponibileVDC 12–24Relè

179.88 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo LCD standard20DisponibileVAC 100–240Relè

179.88 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo LCD standard20DisponibileVDC 12–24Relè

179.88 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo LCD standard20DisponibileVDC 12–24Transistor

162.17 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo a LED20NAVAC 100–240Relè

157.46 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo a LED20NAVDC 12–24Relè

157.46 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo a LED20NAVDC 12–24Transistor

162.17 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo economico20DisponibileVAC 100–240Relè

158.63 €

5 giorni 122.5Tipo economico20DisponibileVDC 12–24Relè


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Informazioni di base

Applicazione Relè programmabile Profilo terminale Terminale a vite Dimensione altezza(mm) 90
Dimensione profondità(mm) 56 Tipo Unità CPU

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