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A stick grindstone capable of smooth grinding without causing clogging.
· Grindstone made of foamed NBR containing fine abrasive.
· Rubber type grinding stones are gentle to the base material and give a beautiful finish, unlike other files and sand papers.
· The main body is made of an abrasive that enables comfortable work without clogging.
· A block-shaped grindstone sized to fit in the hand is easy to grasp and enables working with power.
· Holding capacity and work efficiency are further improved when set onto the rubber grinding stone holder (K-145).
· Unavoidable burrs from metal machining of end faces can be removed easily if the metal is soft.
· K-140 is ideal for removing rust from metal, K-141 is ideal for deburring aluminum plate, and K-142 is ideal for removing oxidation from soldering iron tips.


Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Particle Size
Supplementary explanation Size Material

10.68 €

3 giorni 60Abrasive Grain Size: 60 Example Use: Metal PlateSize mm: 50X25.5X20Material: Foam NBR

10.69 €

3 giorni 120Abrasive Grain Size: 120 Example Use: Aluminum PlateSize mm: 50X25.5X20Material: Foam NBR

10.67 €

3 giorni 320Abrasive Grain Size: 320 Example Use: Removal polishing of oxide film from iron tipSize mm: 50X25.5X20Material: Foam NBR


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Product Type Rubber Grindstone

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