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Chiave tipo L, testa a sfera

Chiave tipo L, testa a sfera

L type hexagonal bar wrench made of special alloy steel that enhances high torque, durability, and wear resistance.
· Various strength-enhancing alloy elements are blended, realizing high torque properties and toughness (tenacious and impact resistant).
· Based on high-level heat treatment and hard chrome plating treatment, durability and wear resistance are increased, and accurate work and safety are improved.
· The setting of the ideal heat treatment conditions improves hardness at a maximum of 15%.
· Standard type.
· The ball point finish enables quick turning and temporary tightening from a diagonal position.
· Ideal for assembly and maintenance work of industrial machinery, electronic equipment, automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Width across flat dimension
Overall length (L dimension)
Hex bar wrench underneck length (H dimension) L-shape only

8.48 €

3 giorni 258162

8.74 €

3 giorni 374206

8.85 €

3 giorni 4782511

9.58 €

3 giorni 5892819

10.64 €

3 giorni 61013232

12.43 €

3 giorni 81123663

8.48 €

3 giorni 1.551141

8.49 €

3 giorni 2.565183

15.18 €

3 giorni 1012840113


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Type Hex L-shape wrench Tip Type Ballpoint Single Product/Set Classification Single Item
Material Special Alloy Steel

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