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Tronchesino miniatura N-31

Tronchesino miniatura N-31

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Small nippers with a total length of 100 mm to fit the hand for easy use, suitable for precision work.
· Cutting edge with emphasis on the cut surface finish for soft wires such as copper wire.
· Small body convenient for cutting binding bands in a limited space.
· Because it is a curved blade that can do side cutting, the band protrudes very little, with consideration given to safety for the fingers.
· Chamfering of sharp projections of the rotating part prevents inadvertent injuries and promotes safe work.
· Anti-static (ESD) specification carbon-free elastomer grip for safe work with electronics.
· Adopts a coil spring with excellent durability and recoverability, reducing fatigue during long-term work.
· The small body makes it convenient for cutting work in limited spaces.

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24.57 €

3 giorni 40Narrow blade tip is suitable for precise work and has anti-static elastomer grip


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Informazioni di base

Product Category Nippers Nipper Type Nippers Overall Length(mm) 102.5
With or without spring Available Copper Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm) 1.6 Wire Cutting Ability of Copper(mm2) 1.25
Main body: option Main Body

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