Fresa a riccio per sgrossatura, gambo combinato, serie F2038 CN

Fresa a riccio per sgrossatura, gambo combinato, serie F2038 CN

Throw-away type roughing end mill. CN shank model that offers high clamp rigidity. For rough heavy cutting.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Overall Length L/Cutter Height
Underneck length ℓ2
Tool No. Blade Length Lc
Shank Length ℓs
Number of Grooves Number of tips for use Applicable Chip

1,952.42 €

7 giorni 2041048005070771004End 2 / Outer Circumference 14P2706-3/P2707-3/P27275-3/P2808-1/P2809-1/P28495-1/SPMT120408

2,357.17 €

4 giorni 2241248005071971004End 2 / Outer Circumference 18P2706-3/P2707-3/P27275-3/P2808-1/P2809-1/P28495-1/SPMT120408

3,047.58 €

4 giorni 28418480050721581004End 2 / Outer Circumference 30P2706-3/P2707-3/P27275-3/P2808-1/P2809-1/P28495-1/SPMT120408


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Informazioni di base

Machining Application Side / Groove External diameter Dc(φ) 50 work material General steel / High hardness steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron
Mounting Method With handle Finish category Rough and medium rough processing Shank diameter Ds(mm) CN50.8
Number of flutes(sheet) 2 Compatible Tip Material Carbide Coat / No Carbide Coat

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