Pellicola millebolle nastro senza rotolo

Eco-friendly foam cushioning material that does not use a paper tube.
· Aerated cushioning sheet protects the product from impact. Safe product with 4 mm height grain.
· Long-selling product, since aerated cushioning material was released.
· An eco-friendly type of product with no cardboard tube.
· Excellent chemical resistance to substances such as acids, alkalis, and oils.
· Cutting, heat sealing, and punching processes, among others, are simple.
· For packing machinery, food, items for relocation, etc.
· Protection or cushioning material for low voltage products, furniture, or glass.

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35.43 €

7 giorni Polyethylene (PE)The air buffering gives it excellent cushioning characteristics. It is made of lightweight and highly transparent buffering materials. Offers excellent chemical resistance against acid, alkaline, and oil. Cutting, heat sealing, and punching processes, among others, are simple.2800For packaging for moving. For protecting or buffering low voltage products, furniture, or glass. For packaging machines or food.1 Roll


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Informazioni di base

Product Type Bubble wrap Thickness (mm) 4 Width (mm) 1200
Length (m) 42 Trusco Code 408-9391 Amount Of Content 1 Roll

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