Pallet a scorrimento – Sovrapponibile

Pallet a scorrimento – Sovrapponibile

· Nesting is possible and the storage space can be efficiently used.
· 1-ton can be supported with flat and even loading.
· Lightweight type at 11 kg.
· The product is environmentally friendly due to its use of recycled material.
· As a returnable/storage pallet in domestic logistics.
· The hand lift can only be used in two directions.
· Dedicated for flat stacking, cartons and P box (common box for conveying bottles) uniform loading.

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Features Mass
Compatible Device Material Details Specification 1 Amount Of Content

116.06 €

7 giorni Nesting is possible and the storage space can be efficiently used. 1-ton supportable in flat and even loading. Weight 11 kg light-weight type. Environment-friendly product using recycled materials.11Hand Pallet Truck/ForkliftRecycled Polypropylene (PP)Skid Type / Nesting Type1 pc.


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Informazioni di base

Width (mm) 1100 Depth (mm) 1100 Product Type Pallet
Material (Main Body) Polypropylene (PP) Color Black Maximum static load (kg) 2000
Specifications 2 Way Feed Maximum Dynamic Load (kg) 1000 Height/Thickness (mm) 115
Details Type Single-sided two-way Insertion Hole Dimensions (Frontage side) Width(mm) 255 Insertion Hole Dimensions (Frontage side) Height(mm) 85
Center beam width(mm) 180 Trusco Code 299-9960 Amount Of Content 1 pc.

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