Scaffalatura imbullonata capacità piccola (cassetti in acciaio inox inclusi, 100kg, altezza 1,200mm e 1,800mm)

Scaffalatura imbullonata capacità piccola (cassetti in acciaio inox inclusi, 100kg, altezza 1,200mm e 1,800mm)

A very basic angled shelf made of support posts and shelving boards, and which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
· Drawers can be freely divided by adding drawer dividers.
· Uses an environmentally friendly powder coating.
· The shelf board is strengthened by 20% through our original double-bending process (excluding 3V and 3X).
· Neo gray in color.
· Optimal for subdivided storage and management using steel drawers.
· Optimal for management of small items and parts.
* Always use with an evenly distributed load as the withstanding load capacity is halved with concentrated loads.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Depth
Number of Top/Bottom Shelf Levels
Details Type Trusco Code Mass Amount Of Content

757.86 €

5 giorni 30012008Drawer (Small) 30/(Large) 6510-334770.6kg1 unit

801.16 €

5 giorni 30012008Drawer (Small) 42510-332172.5kg1 unit

649.76 €

5 giorni 30012008Drawer (Large) 21510-333965.9kg1 unit

882.85 €

5 giorni 45012008Drawer (Small) 30/(Large) 6510-338079.1kg1 unit

944.47 €

5 giorni 45012008Drawer (Small) 42510-336384.5kg1 unit

731.12 €

5 giorni 45012008Drawer (Large) 21510-337165.8kg1 unit

1,190.91 €

5 giorni 300180012Drawer (Small) 54/(Large) 6510-3428109.1kg1 unit

1,234.22 €

5 giorni 300180012Drawer (Small) 66510-3401111kg1 unit

996.19 €

5 giorni 300180012Drawer (Large) 33510-3410100.6kg1 unit

1,395.62 €

5 giorni 450180012Drawer (Small) 54/(Large) 6510-3461123.9kg1 unit

1,457.25 €

5 giorni 450180012Drawer (Small) 66510-3444129.3kg1 unit

1,119.52 €

5 giorni 450180012Drawer (Large) 33510-345299.9kg1 unit


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Informazioni di base

Connecting type Standalone Type Material Steel Frontage(mm) 875
Product Type Lightweight Type (Up to 200 kg) Uniform Load Capacity(kg/grade) 100 Color Neogray
Effective Frontage(mm) 801 Amount Of Content 1 unit

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