Attrezzo per prelievo (diritto/punta piegata)

Attrezzo per prelievo (diritto/punta piegata)

Convenient picking tool for ring and terminal stopper removal.
· Provides precision, hardness, toughness, high stability and a perfect finish thanks to its quality characteristics.
· It is reliable in safely and efficiently conducting daily work.
· Safe, reliable operation. Solutions for special applications. It is tough and sturdy.
· Knurled shaft base. The grip is now a new fresh blue.
· It is extremely sturdy compared to products made by other companies. The tip has a rounded shape unlikely to damage workpieces.
· Convenient as a pick tool for removing sealing materials. Optimal as a special tool for the automotive industry.
· Convenient for removing O-rings and terminal stoppers.

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Overall Length(mm) 150

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