Pinza mini in acciaio inossidabile

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11.90 €

3 giorni HRC42~43Hobbies, precision work, etc.A rust-resistant and material-friendly toolWith soft grip which is gentle on the handsWith the included spring, they can easily be operated continuously.With no etching for the tip component, will not damage the materials.Stainless steel (SUS410)Do not use for unintended applications. Do not use beyond its capabilities.Be sure to wear protective eyewear. Do not use it for objects in which electric currents flow, as there is a risk of electric shock.Please wipe with oil and maintain after use. Risk of rusting.531301470


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Product Category Pliers Plier Type Pliers Overall Length(mm) 115
Main body: option Main Body

Si trova sulla pagina di Pinza mini in acciaio inossidabile, il codice articolo è il seguente: EMH-13.
Ulteriori dettagli concernenti specifiche e dimensioni si trovano sotto il codice prodotto EMH-13.

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