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For firmly tightening screws in narrow spaces. Work efficiency and applications improve dramatically.

· Invertible head type that can be used when there is space to swing the wrench 30° or more.
· A backlash-free worm function is integrated in the worm, which fixes opening dimensions and increases work efficiency.
· Since it produces no backlash (play) during use, it damages the angled parts of nuts even less than a regular wrench.
· It activates only when fastened in arrow direction.
· Ideal for tightening bolts and nuts in torque-regulated locations on automobiles/motorcycles, machines, and instruments, etc., as well as for tightening piping in air conditioning and cooler units and so on.

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Torque Precision
Mouth Opening Dimension (S)
Head Part (D)
Head Part (T1)
Head Part (T2)
Head Part (φE)
Head Part (L1)
Number Contained In A Packet

99.99 €

5 giorni -10~2649105.512571 pc.

115.50 €

Preventivo 417~3867136.518801 pc.


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Product Type Replacement Head Head Replaceable Available Replaceable Head Type Other
Friction pointer (Y/N) NA Number Contained In A Packet 1 pc.

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