Long Arm Heavy Grade Dial Gauge Holder with Arm End Fine Adjustment Mechanism

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Disponibile 5 giorni The arm tip fine feed mechanism with built-inφ6, φ8 mm holes, 3/8" hole, and grooved rotating clamp enable a test indicator and dial gauge to be mounted and facilitate easy zero-point setting of the gauge needle.Noga's original disc spring bearing mechanism allows the knob at the center of the arm to tighten smoothly and tough.Powerful ON/OFF type is used for the magnetic base.Arm has a black, non-chrome finish.


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Informazioni di base

Product Type Magnetic Stand (Arm Type) Adsorption Power(N) 800 Mounting hole for measuring device ø6, ø8, ø3/8-Inch
Dovetail Groove Y/N Available Mounting Screw M8 x 1.25 Magnet width(mm) 50
Magnet Depth(mm) 60 Magnet Height(mm) 55 Overall Arm Length(mm) 347
Full height(mm) 437 Arm Size(mm) 163×113 Weight(kg) 1.95

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