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471.78 €

5 giorni The flexible arm has a mechanic structure where it firmly locks the 3 arm joints by tightening the knob in the center, and can be used to instantly fix a digital camera or a microscope at any position or angle.The flexible tube appended to the arm helps to protect your camera from sudden falls, etc., so it can be used with peace of mind.Includes a powerful ON/OFF magnet as standard and so exhibits excellent ease of use on top of machinery as well as steel work tables etc.Since the camera angle can be fixed freely, it is easy to shoot samples from directly above. The slow shutter speed can create a clear product photo with a deep depth of field.


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Product Type Magnetic Stand (Arm Type) Adsorption Power(N) 1000 Mounting Screw 1/4"
Magnet width(mm) 50 Magnet Depth(mm) 75 Magnet Height(mm) 55
Full height(mm) 460 Arm Size(mm) 163×113 Arm Holding Force(kg) Arm Tip: 8 / Camera Mount: 4
Weight(kg) 2.6

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