Replaceable Blade Type Saw 260 Fold

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4 giorni 420The angle of the blade can be switched between two levels according to the application.As it is a folding type, the blade can be safely protected, and it is also convenient for storage.The saw blade is finished with a clear coating, so it does not readily rust.As a common replacement blade, it can also be used as a detachable replacement rotating blade from other companies (up to 270 mm blade length/0.6 mm blade thickness).Please secure sufficient work space and confirm safety of surroundings.When replacing the blade, wear protective gloves and look for potential warning signs before continuing for extra safety.Please be careful not to pinch your finger when folding.


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Product Type Single blade saw Product Specifications Replacement Blade Folding Type Material, handle Elastomer Resin
Blade Length(mm) 260~289 Blade length(mm) 260 Blade thickness(mm) 0.6
Compatible Replacement Blades EB-SK11 replacement blade type saw replacement blade (for 260 / 250 PVC pipe) / EB-SK11 replacement blade type saw replacement blade (for 240 bamboo cutting / 270 centering) Product category Main Body Application Cutting work for general wood.
Product Width(mm) 70 Product Height(mm) 630 Product Depth(mm) 20

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