Baule in alluminio KA-57

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170.92 €

3 giorni This trunk has excellent design and durability. W cushions on lid side and body side can protect precious contents from shock. 2 kinds of urethane cushions and a tool panel are attached, providing great value for the price. Just by removing 2 urethane cushions, it can be used as a large capacity tool case. Round design is applied to its frame, and lightweight aluminum is applied to its corners. Stay brackets which are convenient for opening and closing are attached as standard equipment. Its capacity is 16 L.With a key. With shoulder belts.Corresponds To


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Tool set and tool box only Tool Box Toolbox Type Aluminum Case/Trunk Case Size (Frontage x Depth x Height)(mm) External Dimensions: 450 x 330 x 135, Internal Dimensions: 435×314×120
Case color Silver Mass(g) 4100 Panel size(mm) 420×300
Wave-Shaped Soft Urethane(mm) 435×315×40 Soft urethane with notch (2 sheets)(mm) 435×315×65

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