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Scaffalatura per fusti da 18 L (200kg, altezza 1,800mm, 5 file)

Scaffalatura per fusti da 18 L (200kg, altezza 1,800mm, 5 file)

· Supports 18 L cans and pails.
· Assembly and disassembly are easy and work time can be significantly shortened since it is a bolt-less structure which does not use any bolts whatsoever.

· The shelf positions can be changed and adjusted freely at 50 mm pitch.
· Expanded connection is possible at the same height and depth. Additionally, the shared use of supports allows for a decrease in costs.
· Adopts a C-shaped post with superb cross-sectional structure resistant against load and lateral torsion.
· Uses a resin base so as not to scratch the floor.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Connecting type Frontage
Effective Frontage
Trusco Code Application Mass Maximum Load Shelf Board Adjustment Pitch Amount Of Content

444.00 €

6 giorni Standalone Type860816469-0907Pail and 18 L Drum Storage39kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

403.97 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)860816469-0915Pail and 18 L Drum Storage34.6kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

587.46 €

6 giorni Standalone Type860816469-0923Pail and 18 L Drum Storage45.6kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

547.43 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)860816469-0931Pail and 18 L Drum Storage41.2kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

570.77 €

6 giorni Standalone Type11601116469-0940Pail and 18 L Drum Storage48.7kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

530.74 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)11601116469-0958Pail and 18 L Drum Storage44.3kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

786.45 €

6 giorni Standalone Type11601116469-0966Pail and 18 L Drum Storage58.7kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

746.42 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)11601116469-0974Pail and 18 L Drum Storage54.3kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

697.05 €

6 giorni Standalone Type14601416469-0982Pail and 18 L Drum Storage58.4kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

657.01 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)14601416469-0991Pail and 18 L Drum Storage54kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

984.45 €

6 giorni Standalone Type14601416469-1008Pail and 18 L Drum Storage71.7kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

944.43 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)14601416469-1016Pail and 18 L Drum Storage67.3kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

895.12 €

6 giorni Standalone Type17601716469-1041Pail and 18 L Drum Storage78.9kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

855.10 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)17601716469-1059Pail and 18 L Drum Storage74.5kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

1,254.26 €

6 giorni Standalone Type17601716469-1024Pail and 18 L Drum Storage95.5kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit

1,214.24 €

6 giorni Added connectable type (2 supports)17601716469-1032Pail and 18 L Drum Storage91.1kg1.500 kg/unit50mm1 unit


  1. 1

Informazioni di base

Material Steel Depth(mm) 450 Height(mm) 1800
Number of Top/Bottom Shelf Levels(Level) 5 Product Type Lightweight Type Option Uniform Load Capacity(kg/grade) 200
Color Neogray Amount Of Content 1 unit

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