Ruota traversino BS Nejitaru (albero esagonale)

Ruota traversino BS Nejitaru (albero esagonale)

· Smoothly polishes workpieces with the polishing properties of sandpaper and suitable elasticity.
· Uses Japan-made abrasive materials and shafts.
· For polishing stainless steel and metal, removing rust and paint, and for woodwork.

Codice componente

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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?Diameter
Particle Size
Number of Overlapping Sheets
Trusco Code JAN Code Material Mass

8.29 €

4 giorni 3060Number of blades (pcs) : 52410-33274951989505054Alumina Abrasive Material41Dedicated Hex Shaft 1 pc

8.29 €

4 giorni 30120Number of blades (pcs) : 58410-33354951989505061Alumina Abrasive Material40Dedicated Hex Shaft 1 pc

9.67 €

4 giorni 5060Number of blades (pcs) : 90410-33434951989505078Alumina Abrasive Material70Dedicated Hex Shaft 1 pc

9.66 €

4 giorni 50120Number of blades (pcs) : 100410-33514951989505085Alumina Abrasive Material69Dedicated Hex Shaft 1 pc


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Informazioni di base

Application Polishing Type Flap with shaft Width(mm) 25
Shaft Diameter(mm) 6.3 Shaft length(mm) 40 Max. Rotational Speed(min-1(r.p.m)) 3000

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