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Chiave dinamometrica con misuratore di coppia a prova di errore MPQL/MQL

Chiave dinamometrica con misuratore di coppia a prova di errore MPQL/MQL

· When the torque wrench operates, marks are left on the head of the bolt.
· The vivid marking serves as an easy visible reminder not to overlook tightening.
· No marking as long as the set torque is not attained.
· Using quick-drying, everlasting ink, the marks do not disappear.
· By extending the socket with an extension bar, you can also tighten/mark in deep positions.
· The marker part is cartridge type with easy ink replenishment.
· Power source is not required since marking is carried out by the operative mechanism of the torque wrench.
· Each ink refill allows marking approximately 6,000 times.
· Marker vertical adjustment is possible (±5 mm)
· Can be securely used outside Japan, such as in the EU.
· ISO 6789 Type II Class A calibration procedure compliant.
· Fail-safe (prevents omitted tightening)


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Codice componente
Codice componentePrezzo unitario standardSconto volumi elevatiGiorni spedizione?RoHSTorque adjustment range
Minimum graduation
Overall Length

341.48 €

13 giorni 1010–500.5245700Pre-Locked Type

360.24 €

11 giorni 1020~1001325950Pre-Locked Type

359.51 €

11 giorni 1030~14013851100Pre-Locked Type


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Product Type Stampo preimpostato Load direction Tipo destro Torque Precision(±%) 3
Details Type Marking Torque Wrench with Scale

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